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How do I apply my decals?

How to Apply Vinyl Decals
Each decal will arrive as three layers of material. The top layer is paper transfer tape, which is used to apply the decal. The second layer is the vinyl film, which is the decal itself. The bottom layer is the backing paper. When you receive your decal in the mail, lay it flat and firmly wipe a credit card or application squeegee across the top of the transfer tape. This helps to make sure the transfer tape properly adheres to the decal.

Small Decals
Step 1. Completely clean and dry the desired application surface using rubbing alcohol, do not use any cleaners that leave any residue.
Step 2. Carefully peel the backing paper from the decal at a sharp angle.
Step 3. Align the decal and press it onto the desired surface. Firmly run a credit card across the transfer tape to make sure the decal adheres to the surface.
Step 4. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the tape, run over that part of the decal with a credit card and try to peel the tape again.

Removing Vinyl Decals
A razor blade or scraper may be used to remove decals from glass, such as mirrors, car windows, jars. Do not use a blade or scraping tool on any surface that could be scratched or damaged. For removing decals from the surface of electronic devices, use your fingernail to peel up the edges of the decal, being careful not to scratch the surface. For stubborn decals, a blow dryer may be used to heat the decal and aid in removing it.


Can I wash my decals?

We do not recommend using the dishwasher, gentle hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth, do not soak.

Unless otherwise advised all vinyl is semi-permanent so submerging in water is not recommended.